Lesh Karan: ‘(Ir)responsible memories’

Lesh Karan reading ‘(Ir)responsible memories’

nine years old
potato curry
an egg cracked in
carbs upon carbs

ten years old
bus   walk   siblings
to school
from school
swimming day
sleep   drool
pooling in lap
seeping home
library   rain
of penalty
hill   cousins
bee stings
तुम बड़ी है
a goody-two-shoes
with adults’ duties

thirteen years old
in heels
paternal fear
हाथ पैर काट के
room में बन्द

one claims
one denies
both there
neither present
memories fly
fragments stitched
in my fabric 

Transliteration and Translation

तुम बड़ी है /tum badi hein: You are the eldest 
हाथ पैर काट केhaath pair kaat ke: sever limbs
room में बन्द / room mein band: lock in room

Lesh Karan is a former pharmacist turned writer and recent poet. She is Fiji Indian and immigrated to Australia over 30 years ago. Lesh happily calls Melbourne home. Her website is leshkaran.com.

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