About Us

The Australian Multilingual Writing Project is the creation of Nadia Niaz, a Naarm/Melbourne-based writer, editor, and academic.

Nadia received her PhD in Creative Writing and Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne, where she teaches Creative Writing in the School of Culture and Communication. Her areas of interest are multilingual creative expression, particularly in poetry, the practicalities and politics of translation, and language use among third culture kids and other globally mobile cohorts.

Nadia is a simultaneous trilingual whose first languages are English, French and Urdu. Other languages she grew up around, listed in the order in which she can understand them include Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Italian, Nepali, Farsi, Turkish and Swiss German. She lived in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Switzerland, and the USA as a child and moved to Australia in 2006, where she began her study of poetry and multilingualism.

You can follow Nadia on Twitter at @NadiaNiaz and find links to her writing and other projects at insanityworks.org/mixednuts