Work with us

If you are fluent in/confident with a language other than English and would like to work with the Australian Multilingual Writing Project, we want to hear from you.

We are on the lookout for multilingual editors and readers to assist in the production of new AMWP issues.

The work involves reviewing creative writing that mixes two or more languages in a meaningful way. We publish two issues a year with the possibility of publishing a few special or mini issues per year as well. (Want to know more about the AMWP? See our Home and About Us pages, and read our issues.)

While you will absolutely have to be able to proofread the other language(s) and make sure spelling and grammar are up to scratch, what we really want is people who understand the nuances and subtleties of the languages used and who can read with their hearts as well as their minds.

If that sounds like you, please fill out this expression of interest.

If your expression of interest is accepted, you will be added to the AMWP’s roster of language editors/reviewers. This means that if we receive a submission that incorporates one of your languages, we will contact you to review and comment on it. When you have reviewed the file, your feedback and edits will be made available to the author. Usually, no further review is required, but, if it is, you will be contacted again.

You will be paid at a rate of $50/hour. Total work per piece averages around an hour, and usually less.

Please note that signing up to review for the AMWP

  1. does not guarantee that there will be work to review in every publication cycle. This is entirely dependent on the languages people use in their submissions in each cycle.
  2. does not mean that you have to accept work for review anytime we ask. We understand that you have other commitments and demands on your time.
  3. does not mean you cannot submit your own creative work for consideration. If you do, it will be assigned to another reviewer.
  4. does not mean that any creative work you submit will be automatically accepted for publication.