The land that is now called Australia has always been home to hundreds of languages. Post-invasion, English was instated as the language of governance and power, but referring to Australia as an ‘English-speaking’ nation erases both the cultural and linguistic diversity that existed long before the first English speaker landed here, and the multitude of new languages migrants from around the world have brought with them since Australia’s creation.


Issue 1 November 2018
Issue 2 May 2019
EWF Mini Issue June 2019
Issue 3 January 2020

About the project

This project aims to provide a space to showcase some of the linguistic complexity that resists and persists in Australia today. Multilingual people often engage in what is referred to as ‘code-mixing’ or ‘code-switching’, which means using two or more languages at the same time in the same piece of communication. Most of the time, this multilingualism is discouraged, seen as demonstrating a lack of proficiency, considered a ‘pollution’ of the dominant language (English), and so on.

This space is different.

Here, multilingual writers can mix their languages with English to their hearts’ content. The work we publish demonstrates the linguistic, aesthetic and creative reach of multilingual writing and seeks to interrupt, enhance, challenge, and generally complicate, the flow of English.

Our initial focus was on poetry, but we are now publishing prose as well.

All work will be available online as text and as audio files. Translations and glossaries will be provided at the writers’ discretion. All work remains the property of the named author.

Submissions and enquiries

Submission is via email and open only to multilingual folks living in Australia. (If you’re Australian but live overseas, get in touch.) Priority will be given to work by Indigenous/First Nations writers.

You can find examples of multilingual poetry here, or read our issues to see what kind of work we publish.

Please address all emails and enquiries to editor [@] australianmultilingualwriting [.] org. Do not send your submissions to this address.

Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting work.